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Saturday, 16 August 2008

At last here are my books

Finally I've got my photos ready for the Artists' Books I made.SSL20520 This first one is covered in bookbinder's cloth. SSL20521 The next one shows the binding and the book is housed in a holder (I like this one the most).SSL20526 Next is a fabric cover and paper pages.SSL20525

This was the most complicated to make but hard to photograph - the concertina has pages and envelopes and is bound onto soft grey suede (I think this will be ideal as a quilter's book).SSL20527

No.6 is a fabric book - love how this one turned out!SSL20529 And a couple of simple ones.



  1. Lovely collection! There's something entirely satisfying about making a book, whether it's a written or painted one, or "just" a blank book.

  2. these are so pretty, what a neat group