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Monday, 10 March 2008


I've been in a kind of muddled mood with all sorts of things half started and not going anywhere fast. I have also put away all my sewing stuff and will concentrate on painting for a while.Fishvill LiliesSo I decided today to list a couple of paintings on etsy - I did these ages ago and came across them while looking for something else.

I'm also in the mood for baking bread and got some fresh yeast today. I inherited a bread maker from my mother but I still prefer the hands-on approach.


  1. HI Evie
    you are brave putting away your sewing things ~ but your paintings are lovely especially love the lilies,
    Judy x

  2. Judy, the problem is how long can I resist getting the fabrics and sewiing machine out LOL!
    evie xx

  3. LOVE the House! And I can so realte to the whole half started thing. Just put another WIP up on my blog that has been sitting around. Happy Wednesday!