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Friday, 28 March 2008


I went to a favourite antique shop yesterday filled to the gunnels with fantastic stuff, the shop is absolutely spilling over and the old lady has to show her wares on the pavement. When she closes, she literally stuffs it back in right to the door - I'm sure she's forgotten what's in there at the back. Didn't buy anything but had such a laugh with the elderly owner. She asked how my eyebrows were such a good shape - hers have almost disappeared and she feels like she's vanishing. So I told her to buy an eyebrow pencil in a soft grey and I'll go back to help her use it LOL! I was with my cousin and she and I have fringes (bangs) and the old lady asked if they were a good idea for her! In fact, I think it would be, as fringes half hide the eyebrows. This lady does house clearances - oh what wouldn't I give to go with her....


  1. I enjoyed very much looking through your blog this morning. Saw you pop up on an art group...welcome!