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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Can't believe..

.. that I haven't posted anything for ages!! The days have been consumed with printer problems - couldn't get my HP printer to work with Vista so I bought a fabulous Lexmark all-in-one. It does everything except fry an egg LOL. But printing colour photos onto fabric was such a disappointment, all wishy-washy and faded and no option to increase ink flow.

So I googled reviews and comparisons till I was blue in the face. But it was time well spent - I have an epson (vowed I'd never buy another epson because the last one was trouble from the first day and ended up in the bin) stylus photo R285 and I'm so delighted. This prints EXACTLY the colours I see on my laptop and I've never experienced that before. And printing onto cotton is a dream come true!


  1. Thanks Evie. I have been using Epsons a long time and love them. But I read somewhere that Kodak has a very good one out. I have been trying to find out more, but getting a blank. so maybe I wikk be getting another one after all.

  2. thanks for the tip on printers...I hate how the fabric ones on mine appear all washed out...I think I am going to get something different...Your collages turned out gorgeous! Melinda