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Monday, 9 April 2007

A good clean out

I don't know why the urge to get rid of stuff is so strong, but I've been thinking for a while that I have to pass on a lot of my books and also to relieve the bookcase of its burden  - so I did a massive clean out and sent a few hundred books to Shelter charity. I was feeling that my possessions were possessing me!

All the books which were on my art room floor have been shifted to their new home and I can actually find what I need!! It's like a breath of freshn air. My work table is next. There's still a bit of weeding out to be taken care of but the worst part is over hooray!¬!!


  1. A touch of spring fever, eh?
    It does us good to clear the decks occasionally, plus we find interesting things when we move stuff around!
    Kari x

  2. Brave lady! I'm doing my kichen cupboards and struggle to part even with things dated best before 2004!

  3. The fact that I'll never miss anything I cleared out amazes me. Why do we hoard so much stuff? Sally, the kitchen cupboards are on my to-do list - 2004 eh, don't know if I can compete with that LOL.