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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Altered Bandaid Tin

The scanner did a lousy job with the tin so I used my digital camera. I gessoed first so as to have some tooth for the inks and the embellisment is paSsl20129Ssl20128 rt of an Indian ankle bracelet - not mine I hasten to add LOL.

Off to meet my dear friend, Annie, and we're going to see 'The Queen' - the film that won the Oscar for Helen Mirren.


  1. These are great Evie! Did you put the handle on yourself? How as the Queen?

  2. Sally, the handle was already on so that made it easier. 'The Queen' was excellent - I'm not sure how much was fact but it was awfully well done and Helen Mirren deserved the award.

  3. Cooooool! This looks so good. I am quite excited about working on mine. I love the anklet with bells, that is so good.
    I have The Queen on loan on DVD from a friend so I will look forward to watching that soon, probably while I am still laid up in bed.
    Kari x