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Tuesday, 28 February 2006

How much?

Today, I took my chiming clock to be repaired. The last time it was overhauled I paid £45. Imagine my horror when I was told that they would prepare an estimate which would be around £300. And I have 2 other beautiful clocks which also don't work -- but they will probably be seen and not heard!!

Now, to take my mind off all this I made some ATCs and they are on ebay ::5girls Boyhat George


  1. Well now these are great my dear!! and sooooooooo sorry about the clock!!! that is such a pain since you want to use it but not all at the cost of 2 arms and a leg!!! hope they will do a good job!!! and nice Ebay listings way to go!! keep it up!!big hugs FGM!!!!

  2. Oooh, I have been away a couple of days and come back to see lots of beautiful artwork in your blog - beautiful danglies, painting and cards - good luck with the auctions - maybe they will go to pay for the clock repairs!
    kari x

  3. Kari, I'm not going to let them rip me off so am taking the clock elsewhere. Although it saddens me that they have become so greedy - it's been the clock repair shop since my grandfather's time. On to pastures new !!!