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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Gut Art

I'm taking a class with Mystele's Gut Art
and it's very exciting
sometimes it leads where I don't want to go
but learning all the while to go with my gut instinct

Here are some of my paintings:

I struggled with this and I think it shows - out of my comfort zone!

Oils and oil pastels on wood

Oils on canvas


  1. These are pretty amazing Evie. I got lost in Mystele's blog...I found it so confusing to find my way around it!
    Have fun:)

  2. Thanks Sue! I too find Ning user-unfriendly and am always having to ask questions.

    This class is different in its approach, we are given artists to study and then paint something in that style. Mystele works alongside us and helps us to get our 'gut art' out!!

  3. Sounds great..have fun Evie:)