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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

And I Believed You

I've been wanting to paint something where all the rules would be ignored - didn't stretch the paper, used a combination of unorthodox paints, painted with my fingers and hands, and just had fun chucking colours around!! I really didn't know what would happen but I'm quite happy with this - totally mixed media. The writing says "and I believed you"-'that's what you said'-'never gonna leave'


  1. In a word 'unbelievable'.

    Well more than one is so different, spontaneous and fascinating to look at. You are brilliant at balancing mixes of colours. I would not attempt it, but you have cracked it. Do you mind if I ask what size it is?
    Sue xx

  2. Sue, you just have to let go of control and let the magic happen!! It measures 16x12".
    Evie xx

  3. nice painting... By the way, If u have time drop by my painting blog. Thanks!.. .daniel

  4. Hi Daniel,
    Your art is beautiful - and thanks for your comment!