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Saturday, 9 October 2010

My friend is coming to visit

I haven't seen Kim since we went to Paris in February and I'm really looking forward to her visit. We're going to the gallery where we'll be exhibiting in March so as Kim gets an idea of the space. It's a lovely bright gallery with large windows and up-do-date hanging system.

Then the day after we're off to the Apple Mac shop to get my new laptop. I'm so lucky to have Kim's expert advice as she's had a Mac for many years and -- drum roll -- she's giving me a copy of the professional edition of Photoshop with all the bells and whistles - very exciting!!


  1. When you have your new whistle-blowing Photoshop, does that mean you will post up some incredible art. If so, I am waiting expectantly...I hope so.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Sue xx

    (I am the one who started skipping when I saw your blue bird wall-hangings in Stampers' Sampler and jumped over the moon when I found your blog)

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sue,

    I'm certainly going to try!!

    Which Stampers' Sampler is that - I can't remember bluebirds??

    Have a great Sunday,
    Evie x