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Saturday, 19 June 2010

First time for everything

I was walking in town having stopped at Curry's to ask for help with my camera -very helpful assistant but my photos are still blue, oh well.... when I saw that Debenhams were highlighting eyebrow shaping so in I went.

I've never had that done before and so wasn't sure of how they do it. Thought it was wax - but no, it was done using twisted thread and boy did it hurt!!! She gave me tea tree oil to use twice a day for the redness. What redness?? I must have skin tough as old boots LOL.

Give yourself a treat - the pain was instantly forgotten a bit like childbirth - well maybe that's taking it a bit too far haha!!!

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  1. Blue photos is a white balance thing- if you tend to get them on sunny days. You have 2 options: try to find the white balance (WB) setting on your camera (on my camera I just press menu, select WB and then pick daylight) or fix it afterwards in photo editing software using the automatic colour balance option (this is what I usually do. I have paint shop pro. I select adjust: automatic color balance: slide the slider to sunlight and tick the remove color cast box)
    Hope this helps