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Sunday, 21 February 2010


I had a great time last night at my cousin Rosalinda's 60th birthday party - live band, buffet and drinks, and best of all she'd compiled a video of family photos from our grandparents and when her parents were married up to the present. It was wonderful to see family for once at a happy occasion instead of funerals.

I've changed my profile photo to one taken last night.




  1. well aren't you a hot mama!!! will email you soon!! lot's going on and thinking of you!! you look marvelous of course! I went super short and strawberry blonde!! hehehe! more soon!
    Hugs Linda

  2. Well, look at you glamour-puss!! Gorgeous as usual - how do you do it, or I probably shouldn't ask ROFLOL! Paris sounded wonderful - and then onto parties - no wonder I've not been able to get hold of you daaaahlink!! Lotsalove, Lolly xxx