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Saturday, 3 January 2009


I've been in serious mode for too long and those in the UK will understand when I say that I listen to BBC Radio 4 - OK time to change, new year, new Evie.

Courtesy of DD1 I've discovered 'Duffy' a Welsh singer - so original. I have the beginnings of playlists and the Ipod is ordered as the shops had sold out over Christmas. I'm downloading Amy Winehouse as I write and I feel on top of the world.

AND I've decided to wear my 'best' clothes every day so I'm sitting here all dolled up and nowhere to go hehe!

Hope you've all made your new year's resolutions ....


  1. Hi just refound your blog, which I used to read a lot when I was making ATCs. I was just wondering how you got on with Barbara Sher's book. I have 2 of her books,which I feel should be useful, and I've kept them even though I got rid of all my other books of that ilk. I have been wondering whether to buy the one you talk about (refuse to choose) as that term scanner surely applies to me:)
    Lots of interesting things on your blog, thank you, and happy new year to you.

  2. Happy New Year, and I wish you wonderful creative adventures throughout 2009!

  3. Thanks Ais and the same to you!! I'm still working on my art website but it's not as easy as they say - at least not for me LOL. If I get stuck I hope I can ask you for help. Evie x

  4. Hi Liz, I think you'd like 'Refuse to Choose'. As usual I'm juggling a trillion pursuits but instead of feeling guilty, I know that that's OK and normal for us scanners. Have fun! Evie x

  5. Evie, you are just wonderful. An inspiration. I can just picture you, glam as always.