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Saturday, 22 November 2008

What a week!

I was in bed but still awake when I heard my iron gate open and the next thing was that someone was trying to open the kitchen door - well my heart was going like the clappers and when I looked out from behind the curtain, there was no-one there but the gate was wide open. And a bike had been moved but probably the thieves were disturbed and fled empty handed. The next morning I found out that someone had tried to steal my neighbour's car and police were called. Now it's getting close to Christmas I suppose the thieves are extra busy looking for stuff they can raise money on.

I was going to do a Christmas Fair last night but snow had been forecast and the venue was out of town so I didn't go. So now I have all this stuff ready....

Lastly I went to my daughter's firm's launch party and was greeted at the door by 2 hunks dressed only in an apron - honestly I've never seen such perfectly formed rear ends in my life - like peaches!!! We drank champers all night and as I hadn't eaten when I got home I was a bit tiddly. Next thing I found myself on the bathroom floor - I'd passed out - got the bruises now.

Ho ho ho - life goes on!!


  1. Evie! Passed out on the bathroom floor? You wild thing! I would not have guessed it!
    I have dogs to keep the burglers away. At least they set up some noise. I'm so glad you are safe and they were scared off. J

  2. Evie, if you're going to pass out, at least take a hunk home with you! Seriously, take extra care. Thinking of you.