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Friday, 12 September 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

My dear friend Linda of Altered Visions gave me this award and I'm delighted she included my blog - she's such a wonderful artist and has hundreds of blog friends to choose from - thank you!!!

So mine is going to these fab blogs:

Janene Arts and Gardens

Judy Judy Scott Kinross

Carol Textile Tales

Kim  Something to Say

Elizabeth The Last Door...Down the Hall

 Kat Altered Kat

 Chrysti Art by Chrysti 


  1. Dear Evie thankyou so much for the wonderful award ~ Judy x

  2. I had no idea you gave me this award. I was just visiting your blog and ran across this. I feel so badly about this. It is right around the time I broke my foot. I will post something about this later today.

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