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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Been feeling ..,.

a bit jaded the last few days. The street market on Saturday worked well and it was such a glorious day too. We all sold a variety of things and it was a great success. But I have to say that it really exhausted me and it's taken till today to be back to normal. And so to top it off, I tripped and fell on the pavement today so now have a swollen and painful knee. The shoes went straight into the bin when I got home and now that I remember, they caused me to fall once before (peep toes) arrgh!!

I've got a few WIPs but nothing finished yet. I've been embellishing but instead of random pieces, I made some landscapes for the first time and now have to finish them off with a bit of hand embroidery.

My new rubber stamps arrived today from Alternative Arts (Teesha Moore) and they are beautiful, sometimes the zettiology range can be very strange but this new range is wonderful.

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