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Sunday, 18 May 2008

ATCs Swap

I've made some fabric ATCs for a swap - no theme but they have to have French knots somewhere. I love French knots so much!! I remember years ago when the back had to be as neat as the front - it's so ridiculous, isn't it? I really enjoy the no rules approach of today!Frenchknots


  1. I remember making french knots embordering flowers on my blue jeans in HS! Your ATCs are lovely and so is your artwork on the side bar! Cudos to you friend! Katie

  2. These are exquisite:-) I like french knots too, even if they drive me na-na (OK, *more* na-na!!) and bullion knots too. Funnily, stitching is one of these things where I do try and be (nearly) as neat on the back as the front - if I don't, I instantly see my mother's face LOOMING over me!!!! AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!
    Hugs, Lolly xxx

  3. Evie, are you going to make any of these to sell. Let me know if you do. They are charming. Janene