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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Just Junque 1

You know what it's like - new techniques, push myself to create something that's different from my normal style - use colours that I normally avoid - outside the box blah, blah! Well, I did try but I had to start again 3 times because I just hated what I'd done, used red, used pink, used ochre..... but finally I got a lovely milky coffee colour with tiny bits of underneath colour coming through.  The scan doesn't show the true colour though, sorry!Beautyanddecay

Then the fun began, choosing what would be the focal point, and trimmings etc. I used bits of a rusted necklace, vintage china doll's leg, old watch, bit of lace, drawer pull, and a lovely image from a collage sheet I've had for ages. This canvas is called Beauty and Decay.


  1. I love this piece! It is really creative, and very clever.

  2. This is quite a nice piece, Eview. Love the color - even as it is online. am enjoying your blog. Haven't been here is a long while. I'll be back though.

  3. I'm having a fun romp on your blog Evie = such wonderful eye candy, lovely artwork indeed!