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Thursday, 16 August 2007


I remember reading somewhere that for photography we have one side better than the other. But I'm still not sure which it is - had the family take several in profile but they're all awful hehe!! We had a superb dinner last night and my mother, who is 92, rather over-imbibed and was staggering all over the place - but no hangover this morning -- how did she do that?? All she said was she was very 'unsteady' last night -- I know I'd have used another word to describe it.....A20070815004


  1. You look gorgeous, Happy Birthday to You, Im giggling just now picturing your mum!!Judy xx

  2. You are beautiful either way. I prefer the pink pose , maybe because it gives a softer glow. But I also, like the face forwardness of the green shot so...
    why don't you alternate using them-say, the green for fall and winter, the pink for spring -summer.
    I say use them both! I was giggling thinking of your mum. God bless her little self.