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Saturday, 16 December 2006

Old-fashioned butcher's shop

Brings back memories of going all over town to find a 'bird' last year - so my mother and I went today to order a capon in a real specialty butcher's shop - they had pheasants still in their feather coats, quails' eggs, a huge variety of stuffing, pigeons, all kinds of sausages, and just everything you could imagine, I half expected Scrooge to come through from the back shop. I ate too much today (practising for Christmas day LOL) went a bit mad and had apple tart with cream, lemon drizzle cake, found some Cadbury's milk flakes I'd forgotten about - well there's still time before the New Year's resolution teehee!!

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  1. oh what a truly marvelous day!! we do have a wonderful butcher north of us about 1/2 hour and we love to get their meat and all but wow yours sounds really neat!! there is also one very large specialty market in Cleveland and they have all that kind of stuff and then some whole pigs heads and even goats etc!!! all nationalities there so fun and magical smells!! will go again in the summer when they also have have fresh home grwon produce!!! oh fun and yes hey the diet starts here at the New Year!!! so let the feeding frenzy keep going for now as I have a piece of apple crumb pie!!!!!! hehehe! enjoy and hug to mom and you! love Linda