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Sunday, 9 April 2006

today's offerings

As I have left my new sewing machine up and raring to go, I decided to make some fabric ATCs. This is the first time I've made ATCs totally from fabric and I even hand-stitched the images. I always thought that that was a long job, but actually it's not and I enjoyed doing them. They're here on ebay. I've got the bug now!!Greta Carmela


  1. I love these pieces, as I enjoy working with my sewing machine too. Leaving it up and ready to go really helps, doesn't it?
    Bet you have a super collection of fabrics, eh?
    Kari x

  2. I'm intrigued Evie. What does OOAK Chocolate ACEO mean?

  3. breadandcircuses11 April 2006 at 00:26

    Yes, Kari, have to hold my hand up there LOL.

  4. breadandcircuses11 April 2006 at 00:28

    Hi Sally,
    OOAK is 'one of a kind' and ACEO is 'art cards editions and originals'. Chocolate was part of the name for the quiltie 'Chocolate for Happiness'-- ta da!!